Academic Integrity for MU Parents:
Dishonesty Accusations

What to Expect if Your Child is Accused of Dishonesty

Instructors must notify students of their intention to report a suspected incident of academic misconduct within ten calendar days of detecting the incident. Instructors must report, using Option A or Option B, the circumstances and academic assessment impact of any suspected acts of academic dishonesty to the Provost’s office as soon as possible after notifying the student, but in no case longer than fourteen calendar days after notifying the student. The Provost’s office will copy the report to the course department chair, the student’s divisional dean and the divisional dean of the course, and contact the student.

Option A – Discussion Agreement

Instructors have the option to discuss the specific allegation with the student. If the instructor and student agree on a sanction (e.g., reduction in course grade, failing course grade, assignment of additional work), no disciplinary action will be taken by the Provost’s office as a result of this specific act alone. If, however, this specific act represents the student’s second or greater instance of academic dishonesty, the Provost’s office may choose disciplinary sanctions (e.g., suspension, dismissal). Instructors must indicate on the form if no agreement was reached by the instructor and the student.

In all cases, the form, and relevant materials must be forwarded to the Provost’s office for evaluation.

Option B – Academic Integrity Violation Report

If the instructor chooses not to complete the discussion agreement, he or she must nonetheless notify the student, complete the academic integrity violation report, attach relevant materials, and forward this information to the Provost’s office.

Regardless of the option used, instructors may award a failing grade on the assignment, a failing grade in the course, or may otherwise adjust the assignment or course grade as deemed appropriate. In addition, instructors may choose to assign additional work.

Instructors should reflect on their academic determination in light of the Provost’s decision concerning disciplinary sanctions. Students wishing to appeal a course grade should follow the grade appeal process, described in Article VII of the Faculty Handbook and included in the M-Book.