Intellectual Pluralism: Policies Overview

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  • Faculty Bylaws (Collected Rules & Regulations)
    See Section C. 2. - Professional Ethics and Academic Responsibilities
    C. 2. a. states:

    As a teacher, the Professor encourages the free pursuit of learning in his/her students. He/she holds before them the best scholarly standards of his/her discipline. He/she demonstrates respect for the student as an individual, and adheres to his/her proper role as intellectual guide and counselor. He/she makes every reasonable effort to foster honest academic conduct and to assure that his/her evaluation of students reflects their true merit. He/she respects the confidential nature of the relationship between professor and student. He/she avoids any exploitation of students for his/her private advantage and acknowledges significant assistance from them. He/she protects their academic freedom.
  • Grievances Reported to the Chancellor's Office
  • M-Book
    See Standard of Conduct section